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hidden characters
Meet the people behind the passwords
It no surprise but a delightful reminder that something private like a password carries a lot of personal information. Information about who we are and what we like.

Hidden Characters was a personal project that got featured in VICE, exhibited at the Hoxton hotel in Amsterdam and covered by local news "Het Parool".
Averagejoe‘ When I was growing up in Canada, there was this song called ‘Joe and the Button Factory’. We always sang it while we played with buttons at day care. I became a little obsessed with the name ‘Joe’. When it was time to choose a password I thought of ‘Averagejoe’, and it just worked. For everything.
globalBEM It means “Global Breakthrough Energy Movement.” We are a global network that supports scientists the field of clean, sustainable and world changing energy. Like Tesla is doing. But unlike Tesla, real scientists are poor. So we fight for funding and exposure for their ideas.
10jaarcatta A few years ago me and my girlfriend had our 10 year anniversary. Her name is Catta.
SAopAlo I lived in Brazil for about 3 years when I was young, and I was born in Rio years before. So it has always been my soft spot; Sao Paolo, Brazil, Brazilians, and so on…
pulsar98 It’s the name of a sound card. I used it in the studio in the year 1998.
Rabbits44 When I was little I had to make my first e-mail account. I had some rabbits, so I used “Rabbits”. And then added the number ‘4’. It doesn’t mean anything. Brighton111 My Boyfriend - back in England - is from Brighton and it’s a city that I really love. And ‘111’ is a good number!