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In my career I’ve had the privilege of applying creativity to well known international brands. Enjoyed helping large advertising agencies win international business. Try to respectfully mentor and guide other creative people when I've been asked to. And in general, be chill, keep my eyes and ears open and continue to follow my nose.

Born down under, living in Amsterdam.
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This highly award winning campaign challenged people to eat a chocolate bar in the space of a TV ad.
Remember banner ads? Well this one targeted programmers by hiding in a place only they could find.
A car insurance brand that wanted to prove they would insure the car of your dreams.
Around the world Heineken asked fans to make the most of the game, to champion the match, no matter what.
TomTom were launching their traffic feature. And these comedy ads promoted it.
A global TV ad for Mexico that went from filming to live in 4 days and no sleep.
A game designed to be a light way into a space we typically find difficult. Pre Ju Dice encourages people to exercise their unconscious bias, to become more aware of it.

Making people aware of their unconscious bias helps them recognise when it's activated. This small recognition can help people process their bias consciously as they're experiencing it and intervene.

Pre Ju Dice gets more people used to healthy relaxed dialogue around bias’. It's interactive, practical, and unlike a keynote on diversity it can be replayed frequently and provide new experiences and takeaways every time you play.
A photo series that explores the passwords we use to protect our identity and the hidden characters behind them.
A zomer huis (summer house) is a small patch of land for Dutch people to express their ideal slice of outdoor paradise. This is a series of the people who've built them and what their version of paradise looks like.