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Exercise your unconscious bias
For many years I have developed a game that gets people talking, exploring, reflecting and laughing within the realm of diversity and unconscious bias.

Everything has been developed from scratch and made by hand. The game has been tested with high school teachers, academics and gamers.

Although purpose driven the experience is designed to be fun, which opens up the conversation around diversity to a wider group of people.

No matter where you are politically, or what your background might be, there is always something to gain by playing this game with other people.

If you'd like to play, get in touch.
The game has been tested and optimised with different groups of people. From high school teachers in Pennsylvania USA, to strangers in a game cafe.
a.i. bias
When Open AI released DALLE I used the game to test the unconscious bias of the platform. The game created combinations of profiles which I used to prompt DALLE and visualise them.