#ShareTheSofa campaign
The biggest twitter campaign of the time.

Heineken recognised that football fans watch games with their phones in-hand. We wanted their other hand to be holding a Heineken. So we created a live experience for your phone that complemented the football.

Each week, on a sofa somewhere in the world, a champion footballer along with a host of Heineken "open your world" characters entertained fans throughout the game.
Star players commented on the game, and Heineken tweeted the comments along with interpretations in the form of 5 second films. These accompanying short films were created in real-time next to the player on the sofa on an iPhone 5s and published instantly.
"'It's not looking good for Bayern. As you can see, my cheerleaders agree."
Fernando Morientes
"'Nothing is certain but it looks like it is over"
Roberto Di Matteo
"My freestylers and I agree, this game is pretty damn exciting.”
Fernando Morientes
"#FCB is putting fear into the hearts of Man City right now."
Patrick Kluivert